From Oxygen to Tarantino: Our Prevailing Obsession with True Crime

Over on, one of my favorite humans of recent meeting, Remy Bennett, talks "Serial" and "Making a Murderer" and the ethics surrounding our current obsession with true crime as entertainment. She also gives "Destination Gacy" a little love. I was struck by the parallels between the death-row groupies I met while visiting Gacy, and the women Remy saw at this year's CrimeCon. One difference: the woman who told me which vending machine snacks Gacy liked was wearing a completely sheer mesh top. A clip from Remy's piece:

In the lobby of the downtown Indianapolis Marriott, the prerequisite murder fans of the teenage-goth variety were nowhere to be found. In their place were primarily Caucasian women upwards of forty, equipped with fanny packs and khaki slacks, paired with pastel-colored official CrimeCon hoodies with the slogan “basically a detective” printed across the chest in white block letters. These middle-aged women on a mission to solve mysteries were a far cry from the horror nerds I was accustomed to. Enter the suburban mommy who champions Nancy Grace and loves watching the Investigation Discovery Network, a channel that streams a never-ending onslaught of violence and terror. 

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