Look, Ma, I'm on YouTube

More from the story that never ends, a clip on YouTube, of my describing my first meeting with Speedie/Laura Albert/JT LeRoy, for Marjorie Sturm's wonderful documentary, The Cult of JT LeRoyI had not until last month see the more recent documentary, Author, by Jeff Feuerzeig and made with Laura's cooperation. I also heard a podcast interview Feuerzeig did and thought, now why would he say that? Namely, that no one before he had ever approached Laura to tell her story her way, and that until he came along, she'd been "curled up in a ball" for three years. It takes one Google search to find both of these contentions are untrue. In the case of the piece I wrote, No Exit Plan (which won Best Arts Feature of 2009 and thus is not some obscure text), she is talking to me throughout. 

That Laura continued to spin stories during the podcast surprised me not at all; it's part of the story. But here's my question: did Feuerzeig choose to ignore that Laura had spoken many times before in order to appear (or to feel) as though he were having more of a hand in saving poor Laura, the way so many before him had tried to save JT? Was this a prerequisite, spoken or unspoken, on Laura's part? She can be very persuasive. He who controls the spin, controls the story, is something Laura understands very well.

I leave it to others to decide; we always will, anyway. I also mention that I am part of yet another production of this story, shooting in the fall. Until then, my 1 minute 12 seconds of fame