Portland Book Fest - November 10

This is the song that played in the background of my head for years as I wrote TO THE BRIDGE. It was also on the CD in my car, on continual rotation; the family begged me to play something else but #mycar. Then, it disappeared…/1

This is Eldon and Trinity, the children thrown from the bridge by their mother. I followed them into their story, into their mother’s story. To quote @kmanguward, about a different story, “there are no heroes here.” No grown-up ones at least. And the atrocious behavior that saw these children thrown from the bridge continues to the day, or course it does/2 

eldon trinity.png

This is where I will be reading Saturday at 12:45, @PDXArtMuseum, as part of #PDXBookFest. They placed me next to the painting at left (“Mother and Child”). We saw yesterday, during a little recon, what was on the right. Sure (*cough*), there was no reading at Powell’s, but you can come tomorrow. I’m bringing music too/end