Asia Argento's Time is Up

Need (and will!) get a better about posting. Here is a Reason piece from late August, about Argento, Laura Albert, Rose McGowan, Tony Bourdain, and the #MeToo imbroglio du jour, which my editor smartly sub-heded, "A tale of fame, fallacy, and the perils of good intentions." A clip:

Argento's situation causes cultural handwringing and confusion and think pieces aplenty. Two editors at New York magazine's The Cut have an anguished tête-à-tête about Argento and #MeToo. ("I feel like screaming, THIS DOESN'T MEAN ALL RAPE ACCUSATIONS ARE FAKE!'") Bari Weiss at The New York Times opens an essay about women and agency, "Women are hypocrites. Women are opportunists. Women are liars. They are abusers and bullies and manipulators. They are capable of cruelty, callousness and evil. Just like men." S.E. Cupp writes in the NY Daily News: "#MeToo must not flinch in face of allegations against Asia Argento: Abuses of power are wrong no matter who commits them."

Read the whole thing here.