A Guide to Surviving Your 15 Minutes of Hate (Reason.com)

A guide to surviving America’s newest ritual: Destruction by Internet mob. If you do not think this can happen to you, you have not been paying attention. Read the whole thing over at Reason. Here’s Rule #1…

STAY CALM: You will not expect the first strike, and thus will not know why every electronic device you own starts blowing up at once. You will be confused to read something that makes no sense or is presented in a way to make you look like a danger to society. Remain calm. Do not shoot off any responses, and for God's sake don't post anything on social media.

Notice that what at first seemed manageable is now starting to rage.

Inform the people who need to know what is going on. Assure them they are safe. Hope that this is true. Hope the messages left on your cell phone, about how you are a rape apologist and a piece of human garbage, will not spread to anyone else. Now is a good time to let calls go to voicemail and to set your Instagram to private.

Remember you are only human and might get a little panicky. If your spouse says "I just drank five pint glasses of water" and tells you his hands are sweating, like, a lot, assure him that it's anxiety and everything is going to be OK, though it does not feel that way today, and it does not feel that way because it is not.

Read the whole thing here.