Never being good at waiting for (or desiring) others to get on with it, I am tweeting my manuscript FORTY BUCKS AND A DREAM: STORIES OF LOS ANGELES. Chapter 1, “40 BUCKS AND A DREAM, THE LIVES OF A HOLLYWOOD MOTEL,” can be found here. Go follow on Twitter, @nancyromm; I’ll be posting - and videotaping! — a chapter or two a week, and if you want to publish the book, contact my agent, his info here on Contact page. Until then! A clip:

… It is a universal of the motel that when you close your door, it’s just you and your TV and a Gideon bible. But there are no Bibles in the bedside tables at the Saharan. This is not because the residents don’t have faith but because at this station, Hollywood trumps God. Here, travelers don’t simply stop to sleep, they come to dream, to chase the ambitions their hometowns can’t accommodate or won’t tolerate. Their stays are prompted by desire and desperation, salvation and escape; for the ultimate arena in which to re-create themselves or to assure their Big Lies eternal lives. If they believe unequivocally in the power of the City of Dreams, anything and everything might be waiting right outside the door…

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